Floyd commissioners ban smoking in county vehicles PDF Print E-mail

By Josh Suiter
Special Correspondent

The Floyd County Commissioners passed a resolution during their March 21 meeting that prevents county employees from using tobacco products in any county-owned vehicle.


Commissioners Mark Seabrook made the recommendation after the county purchased new cars for planning and zoning and he talked with Sheriff Loop. Loop already has the policy in place.

“I think we can leave it up to the department supervisor for how someone is punished for violating that,” Seabrook said. The resolution was passed 3-0 and Rick Fox, the Commissioners attorney, said the information should be disseminated to department heads to be given to employees. This will also be written into the employee handbook.

Other action items from the meeting included:

Don Lopp, Director of Operations, requested a change order for Old Vincennes Road’s Phase 2 Project. He said the initial contract through the state using federal dollars was for $2,772,500. The total change order is $144,318.76, which means the final modification to the contract is $2,628,181.22. “The project came in $145,000 under initial contract. The county will get 20% off the final audit. It will be a period of time before we will see those monies back. Approximately $28,000 when completed,” Lopp said. It was approved 3-0

The commissioners approved a request from the highway department for the trucks that were ordered. This would be a change order of $395 for electric brake control for each truck. The total is $3,950 total. It was approved 3-0.

Lopp said at the March 20 Planning Commission Meeting there was a request for a 45 moratorium on telecommunications zoning. He said they has been new technologies associated with telecommunications called small cell towers and DSAs. “We are asking for a 45-day moratorium on any zoning applications for telecommunications towers or accessory structures that revisions to include technology can be included in the zoning ordinance and brought back to you. It will take about 30 days to complete,” Lopp said. The request was approved 3-0.

Sheriff Loop made a presentation at the request of Commissioner Billy Stewart regarding an “update on the crime wave in the county. It will be a short update because it is not much of a crime wave,” Loop said. Loop said there was one individual who broke into 8 places by throwing a rock through the window of commercial establishments in Floyds Knobs, Galena and Georgetown. Officers got the DNA off a cash register drawer that the perpetrator dumped behind Edwardsville United Methodist Church. “We sort of know what kind of car it is - a dark colored two-door sports car. We are hoping the DNA off the cash register is match to the DNA we found in Subway in New Albany because we believe he did that one as well. Other than that, our next things were as responding to are domestics and overdoses,” Loop added.

Resident Joseph Moore said there will be a Georgetown spring cleanup on April 29 (Rain date is May 20 ). We will assemble at Garry E. Cavan Park in Edwardsville. Bring comfortable walking shoes and everything else is provided.  Additional information will be provided soon.