When the smoke clears Trump always remains standing PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Browning   
Thursday, 09 February 2017 09:12

Love him, hate him, admire him or loath him, Donald J. Trump recently became the 45th president of the United States.

We heard it time and time again growing up, “You can be anything you want to be!” but as we grew and got older, we began to realize the limits to some of our dreams.

No matter how much a little boy or girl wants to fly jets, they better have good vision.

Want to be a solider? You better be in shape! A doctor? You better love school and be good at it!

If you want to be president of the United States, you have to start preparing for that in high school, right?

You have to attend an Ivy League school, right?

You have to volunteer on campaigns and maybe even run for small offices as you build your resume for the White House, right?

Prior to the craziness that was the 2016 Presidential Election all of those things, for the most part, were true. At least we thought they were true.

President Donald J. Trump changed all that.

Remember when he announced his campaign in 2015 and how cute the notion was. People laughed and joked about what it would be like to have a guy like him holding the most powerful office in the country and then finished with, “It will never happen!”

Remember how he didn't get off to a good start? He made people on the far right more nervous than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

Then, once the debates started, his chances of becoming president seemed even less likely as he divided the base by criticizing GOP mainstays like John McCain and Paul Ryan (just to name a few).

Within Trump's own party the divide was growing so great that Republicans started a “Never Trump” movement.

Neither President George H. W. Bush or George W. Bush – GOP legends – offered support and all we heard in the media was how this former reality TV star had lost his mind and had no chance to win.

Then the primaries started and Trump began to take his opponents out one by one.

Some offered a stronger defense than others, but Trump continued to be the most attractive candidate for those on the right.

Eventually there was only one person standing – Trump!

That was cute how he won the primary, but the base was not going to stand for it right? They were going to shake up the convention, call for mutiny and help the Grand Ole Party, get someone they considered a grand ole candidate.

Ted Cruz didn't endorse Trump at the convention; Trump's wife hijacked a speech from Michelle Obama; protest were a constant outside the convention hall and one, or all, of those things would eventually take their toll wouldn't they?

Then the smoke cleared and like a Phoenix, Trump once again rose from the ashes and left his staunchest opponents in piles of ruble.

He was able to take down opponents from a party that had been split since G-dub left office, but he wouldn't stand a chance against the political machine that is Hillary Clinton, would he?

Clinton's resume wouldn't allow her to lose, right? The election is rigged, right? Clinton's history in public service, her experience helping Bill campaign and win governor's races and two terms as president, that would be too much for a newcomer like Trump to tackle, wouldn't it?

And this was not just a newcomer, but a newcomer with no mouth filter! If her experience didn't end the campaign Trump's inability to monitor his tongue would, right?

Newscast after newscast reported Hillary with a sizable lead in the polls. It was a lead that one program I watched reported, “If it holds up this will be the biggest landslide in the history of Presidential Elections!”

It had to hold up, right?

Then the lead grew even larger we were told when a tape of a behind the scenes conversation with Trump and a reporter was leaked to the press.

That was it, right?

He was finished for sure this time, wasn't he? You can't mock a handicapped reporter, fight the Republican establishment and admit to grabbing things on women you may or may not have permission to grab and win, right?

Just like after the primary and the party missteps at the convention, the smoke cleared and there stood Donald Trump.

Election night rolled around and very few people doubted the outcome. Hillary looked almost relieved that she was going to get to do a home run trot into the White House. She was set to round third, give President Obama a high five and take her place in history. Then the votes were counted.

Clerks across the country must have rubbed their eyes as they saw the numbers in Trump's favor.

The election night smoke cleared and there stood Donald J. Trump.

It's hard to say a guy who has done what Trump has done and amassed the fortune he has amassed was an underdog, but . . .

I personally didn't support President Trump, but as he placed that hand on the Bible and took the oath of office he became my President.

My never Trump friends were texting me during the inauguration in a panic, but I tried to calm them as I shared this feeling of hope that washed over me.

“Why?” one of my friends asked for a reason for my optimism.

Did you see all those people on the stage who didn't start out supporting Trump. He eventually won them over, so maybe, just maybe, in time, he will do the same for all of us who are hesitant.

If not it won't matter, because in four years, when the smoke clears from this term, I have a feeling there will stand Donald J. Trump.

Not only is he president, but he is proof that you can become anything you put your mind to, even president!

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