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Thursday, 02 March 2017 08:47

The following is the Floyd County arrest list through the early morning hours of Feb. 20. The list is provided weekly by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department.
Those listed, in most cases, are just facing charges and are innocent until proven guilty.
For past arrest lists, be sure to visit www.gbpnews.com.

Bennie E. Moberly, 41, City at Large, warrant: (VOP-check fraud).
Jesse C. Crawford, 31, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-OWI causing death).
Brian S. Riddle, 27, City At Large, possession of a syringe.
Michelle E. Nelson, 38, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-battery resulting in bodily injury).
Jasmine N. Jeter, 22, New Albany, resisting law enforcement (vehicle); resisting law enforcement (forcibly resists).
Cody M. Wimp, 24, Corydon, warrant: (C.O.A.); warrant: (pointing a firearm at another), (criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon).
William S. Berkley, 40, Lanesville, warrant: (C.O.T.)

Angus V. Hublar, 34, Palmyra, possession of methamphetamine, visiting a common nuisance).
Dane T. Klarer, 30, Floyds Knobs, OWI x2, OWI prior.
Shaine M. Wilson, 24, Louisville, needs waiver signed for Michigan.
Derek D. Rickard, 38, Louisville, OWI refusal, OWI manner that endangers, Reckless driving, resisting law enforcement.
Francis A. Veilleux-Gaboury, 33, Clarksville, OWI w/BAC greater than .15%; OWI.
Tammy S. Tupts, 32, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-disorderly conduct).
Brett J. Bachelder, 28, New Albany, theft over $750, possession of paraphernalia, unauthorized entry of vehicle.
Daniel W. Murrell, 40, New Albany, operating while suspended, invasion of privacy (prior conviction).
Daniel L. Neal, 22, Salem, possession of methamphetamine, possession of paraphernalia.
Joseph P. Urbano, 29, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-possession of a narcotic drug, theft).
Michael J. Fahimi, 27, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-possession of a narcotic drug, theft).
Edward C. Hawins, 56, New Albany, OWI (endangerment).

Elizabeth A. Black, 58, New Albany, OWI .15 or more.
Samantha D. Horton, 22, New Albany, OWI per se .08, OWI endangerment.
Jonathan T. Lee, 36, Lebanon Jct, Ky., OWI (manner than endangers); operating with a BAC .08 or more.
Michael J. Evans, 18, Louisville, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia.
Kyle A. Raque, 20, Louisville, possession of marijuana.
Omar L. Marsh, 26, New Albany, warrant: theft.
Brandon C. Benningfield, 19, Louisville, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, carrying a handgun without license.
Miguel A. Hernandez Martinez, 25, New Albany, operating without ever receiving license.
Brandon R. Gordon, 39, Louisville, OWI (manner that endangers); operating with BAC .15% or more.
Tonya A. McLanahan, 32, Hartsville, needs to sign waiver for Louisville metro.
Eddie A. Hardwick, 51, Clarksville, OWI .15% or more.

Todd A. Miller, 53, Corydon, OWI, OWI manner that endangers.
Brandon T. Booker, 32, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-criminal trespass).
Kyle S. Needler, 24, Laconia, possession of marijuana, OWI manner that endangers.
Alexander N. Calloway, 31, Louisville, warrant: (FTA-battery resulting in bodily injury).
Nolen J. Baumann, 23, Sellersburg, OWI x2.
Nicholas R. Van Hoorn, 21, Jeffersonville, OWI Prior, OWI .15% or more, OWI.
Wilfredo D. Alvarado, 30, Charlestown, public intoxication.
Eric J. Stewart, 29, New Albany, warrant: (burglary of dwelling, theft between $750-50k).
Christopher B. Tush, 19, Greenville, warrant: (VOP-possession of marijuana).
Samuel R. Ault, 39, New Albany, OWI .15% or more, OWI.
Steve D. Dietrich, 58, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-driving while suspended (prior w/in 10 years).
Michael E. Barth, 37, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-O.W.I. Manner that endangers, driving while suspended prior, O.W.I.).
Richard D. Talbott, 52, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-criminal mischief).

Abby L. Ivers, 24, New Washington, OWI .15 or more, OWI manner that endangers.
Samuel L. Miller, 42, New Albany, warrant: (COA-possession of controlled substance).
Tyrome L. Douglas, 43, Jeffersonville, public intoxication, disorderly conduct.
Roger L. Rice, 41, Frankfort, Ky., warrant: (rape when compelled by force or imminent threat of force).
Antwan F. Whitehead, 43, New Albany, warrant: (COA-child support).
Lauren F. Woosley, 27, warrant: (FTA-OWI endangering, OWI).

Samantha P. Smith, 27, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-criminal trespass).
Lizabeth L. Zachary, 31, City At Large, false informing, possession of syringe.
Christopher S. Paulley, 30, Floyds Knobs, warrant: (intimidation, residential entry).
Byron M. Shipp, 30, New Albany, warrant: (COA).
Robert E. Hackney Jr., 38, Clarksville, warrant: (VOP-burglary x2).
Scott A. Gibbons, 47, Sellersburg, OWI .15% or more.

Kelsey E. Guess, 20, New Albany, OWI manner that endangers, minor consuming.
Bruce A. Brents, 30, Louisville, warrant: (VOP-armed robbery).
Cody A. Brackett, 24, Louisville, warrant: (VOP-unlawful possession of syringe).
Shane E. Deaton, 30, Austin, OWI .15% or more; OWI (prior).
Tyler A. Perez, 29, New Albany, OWI (Prior); OWI refusal.
Gerald E. McCrander, 50, City at Large, public intoxication, disorderly conduct.
Chester V. Shirley, 60, New Albany, warrant: (criminal trespass).
Corey D. Vanwinkle, 26, Depauw, warrant: (VOP-invasion of privacy).
Paris W. Douglas, 29, City at Large, theft.
Briana L. Sharp, 20, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-theft) hold for Clark County.
Ashley L. Ethridge, 33, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-dealing in schedule I, II, III controlled substance).
Alijah M. Holt, 19, Louisville, theft.

Benjamin D. Dent, Jeffersonville, warrant: (VOP-theft).
David S. Crawford, 29, New Albany, OWI Per se greater than .08 but less than .15; OWI endangerment.
Tyler R. Ewing, 22, Greenville, warrant: (FTA-intimidation).
Sher B. Rai, 21, Louisville, OWI .15 or more; OWI endangerment.
Jeremy R. Sims, 31, Floyds Knobs, OWI x2.
James E. Howell, 21, Louisville, invasion of privacy, battery.
Teara J. Yates, 30, Jeffersonville, public intoxication, possession of cocaine, possession of controlled substance, trafficking with an inmate.
Eric M. Powell, 42, Jeffersonville, possession of methamphetamine.
Jason T. Cole, 40, Lexington, Ky., warrant: (court-ordered arrest).
Robert O. Sheckles, 32, New Albany, (VOP-dealing cocaine).
Bobby A. Poindexter, Jr., 39, Palmyra, warrant: (theft).
Lissa S. Hardin, 34, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-possession of methamphetamine).
Breia S. McBirth, 24, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-DWS prior).
Heather J. Goff, 38, Louisville, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, possession of controlled substance.
Matthew Howerton, 30, DePauw, warrant: (Body attachment).
Joseph R. Bratcher, 45, Charlestown, warrant: (FTA-dealing controlled substance).
Angela F. Marshall, 31, New Albany, battery on law
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enforcement, disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement.
Emily L. Esarey, 25, Clarksville, warrant: (VOP-maintaining a common nuisance).
Heather M. Zito, 26, New Albany, theft.
Gerald J. Volpert, 74, OWI.
Jordan W. Rummage, 34, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-burglary, burglary break and entering dwelling of another person).    

Corey L. Burris, 31, Owensboro, needs waiver signed, hold for Daviess County, Ky.
Darnell D. Bussey, 33, New Albany, resisting law enforcement, invasion of privacy.
Nicole L. Owens, 35, Louisville, reckless driving, disorderly conduct, possession of paraphernalia, resisting law enforcement, refusing to identify, operating without a license.
Mary M. Browning, 34, Floyds Knobs, warrant: (VOP-possession of narcotic drug.
Joseph D. Powers, 44, Clarksville, warrant: (FTA-invasion of privacy).
Philip T. Malone, 28, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-theft).

Marvin L. Drane, Jr., 55, Louisville, warrant: (robbery).
Timmy J. White, 25, Sellersburg, identity deception, operating while never licensed, OWI, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia.
Mark A. Crothers, 27, Clarksville, warrant: (FTA-theft).
Tyler B. Wehmeyer, 22, Vine Grove, Ky., OWI (manner that endangers).
Winter S. Johnson, 36, New Albany, OWI endangerment, OWI Per se .08 but less than .15.
Bradley M. Peters, 22, Jeffersonville, OWI .15 or more.
Sonia P. Marshall, 50, New Albany, OWI manner than endangers, OWI .08 or more.
Jonnetta D. Brooks, 42, Jeffersonville, public intoxication.
Brian K. Scalf, 31, City at Large, criminal trespass.
Gerald D. James, III, 31, New Albany, possession of a syringe.

Tammy L. Phipps, 55, Charlestown, OWI, OWI Per Se.
Derrick S. Simpson, 45, English, OWI, OWI .08 or more.
Michael S. Frazier, 42, City at Large, resisting law enforcement, possession of syringe, possession of narcotics.
Eduardo B. Lopez, 22, Louisville, OWI .15 or more.
Michael J. Mann, 37, New Albany, OWI, OWI Per se.
Mckenzie N. Peavy, 25, Floyds Knobs, OWI .08 or more, OWI manner that endangers.
Angela K. Caulk, 45, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-theft).
Curtis F. Baugh, 37, City at Large, false informing.
Scotty D. Jones, 37, New Albany, OWI.
Toni G. Smith, 37, Scottsburg, possession of heroin, hold for Clark County.
Anthony W. Caraway, 21, New Albany, OWI .15 or more.
Shawn A. Smith, 40, Scottsburg, operating while suspended (prior), possession of heroin.

Makenzie S. Craig, 21, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-robbery).
Richard S. Harris, 31, New Albany, warrant: (domestic battery).