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Written by George Browning   
Tuesday, 02 May 2017 07:12

Last week my column featured some of my friends from social media sharing in a sentence or two some of the best advice they had been given.

There were so many great responses, there was no way to print them all in one column. So, today’s edition of “By George” is part two of all those best advice responses.

I have to admit, some made me laugh, some made me shake my head at the craziness of people and some made me stop and think at just how great advice it actually was.

My favorite out of all the ones that were shared was probably from Blair Thompson. His advice was “Don’t let people’s compliments of you go to your head and don’t let their criticisms of you go to your heart!”

That is great advice.

Another favorite is shared among today’s is from Kristy Lewis, “Don’t let someone else write your story.” I am always telling people that. We get to paint the picture of our lives. A lot of times those pictures are made by the decisions we make.

I see young people think they are just making minor decisions, when in reality it might be minor today, but it is going to play a major role in what that painting looks like.

Anyway, the following are the rest of the “Best Advice” comments. I hope you have enjoyed hearing from folks and the advice they’ve been given in life.

Janessa Green “Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness”

Sherry Roop Fleenor · “You become who you surround yourself with.”

Mark Bleecker “You are stronger than you think.”

Kristy Cooper Lewis “Everyone has a story. Don’t let someone else write yours for you. Take control of your life and write your own.”

Jamie Hayden “Treat every job like you’re making a million dollars and some day you will.”

Paula Miner Bortka Grandma always said, “Worry is the devil’s workshop! Worry about nothing-pray about everything!”

Steve Satow “So you think you’ve got high school figured out. You think you know everything but you know....NOTHING. NOTHING!” (The advice part was to be humble and stop acting like you know something).

Roger Busick “Today’s worries will steal tomorrow’s joy.”

Matthew Magner Best I was ever told, “The only easy day was yesterday.”

Blair Thompson “Don’t let people’s compliments go to your head and don’t let their criticisms go to your heart.”

Mike Flaugher “Give that a good ‘leaving alone.’”

Morgan Brooke Hancock The key to happiness is “Do the right thing and keep on doing it.”

Mendy Terrell-Mason “One of my elderly clients (like 90) once told me ‘Take care of your boobs and your feet, they take you everywhere in life!’”

Angie Browning “Always try to be better than yesterday.”

Christopher Shawn Lee “A friend in school told me not to marry the love of my life. I married her TWICE. Biggest mistake I ever made. I always said it was the best advice that I ignored.”

Bob Hamilton “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly[a] with your God.”

Michael Couch “The way to have a successful marriage is to learn how to say without hesitation, ‘YES DEAR,’ ‘I’M SORRY DEAR.’ ‘IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN DEAR!’

Mike Finn “Don’t fry bacon in the buff.”

Michael Gregg “Never take advice! Weigh it, consider it, pray on it, sleep on it, then make your own decision and live with what you decide.”

Lynn Finn “Being a mother will remind you daily of God and the price He paid with his only son Jesus. Always love.”

Beth Taylor Nicholson “It’s all in attitude.”

Angela Bond “Never go to bed with anger’s wrath. Stand up and admit to your mistakes, and say you’re sorry when needed! Tell each other you love them, because tomorrow isn’t promised!” “Words from a very wise minister! Miss you Harold! And you were right!”

Michelle Voyles “In everything give thanks as for this is the will of God.”

Marilyn Zimmerman-Poole “Love yourself like you want to be loved!”

Ron Blackman “Be a better you today than you were yesterday.”

Vickie Saewert “When feeling overwhelmed, take it one obstacle at a time.”

Tim Carman “Not to marry my first wife. I did anyway of course.”

Buddy Maudlin My Grandma Maudlin said to, “Forgive, there’s not room inside for too much hate!” She also said, “Those who marry for money will earn every dime!”

John Thurston “If it doesn’t concern you, don’t be concerned. If it does. Pray, then act.”

Scott Ratts “I learn from the mistakes of people who took my advice.”

Sharon Rehfuss Click “Study hard in school - an education is something no one can take away from you.” -Don Rehfuss.

I’d still like to hear from you the reader and some great, or not so great advice that you’ve been given. Shoot me an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it