Why give Lavar Ball such a large stage? PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Browning   
Friday, 19 May 2017 12:15

I know, I know football has taken the spot among the masses, but to me, nothing says USA like peanuts and Cracker Jack.

But tune in to any sports show, on any sports channel, any time of day and it's a rarity that that they'll be talking baseball.

In fact, a lot of shows are so desperate for material right now, they've invited the dad of UCLA star Lonzo Ball to be a guest on their show.

His name is Lavar Ball and really he has two claims to fame. One, his son is a really good player, so good he will likely be drafted in the top three of next months NBA draft.

Lavar Ball's other claim to fame? He makes outrageous statements.

Statements like "My son is already better than Steph Curry" or "When I played I could have beaten Michael Jordan."

He appeared on a show once, the show posted clips of the appearance on the internet and it got clicks, lots of them, and that's what they want him on the show.

My question is why? If Lebron James is quoted as saying I could have beaten MJ, that's a story I will read, but if you are 45 and I've never heard of you, I won't be clicking that link.

As for Lonzo Ball already being better than Curry, he wasn't even better than Kentucky's D'Aaron Fox. But he said it, people clicked to read it, and shows keep having him back on.

Lavar Ball was recently on a sports show and he went after a few members of the media for speaking their opinion -- he can say what he wants about anybody he wants, and it's fine, but have an opinion about that guy, and he is done with you.

Those media members held their own, but should have never been put in that situation.


I love sports and sports shows, but if I hear Ball is a guest on the show, I turn the channel! I hope others follow my lead.

I know baseball in May doesn't have the luster it once did, but isn't it better than a middle-aged man getting famous because his son is a great athlete and he makes some outrageous statements?

I looked at the standings in the National League this morning and Milwaukee, St. Louis and Chicago were all within two games of one another, isn't that better to talk about than someone who never played a second in the NBA saying he could have taken the greatest one-on-one?

I guess the clicks provide the answers, but as for me and my time I'd rather cling to the nation's original past-time than the new one "insanity!"
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