Kimball donates $25,000 to help with flood relief PDF Print E-mail

Representatives from Kimball International and the Kimball Office brand presented the city of Salem with a $25,000 cash donation to the Salem Emergency Flood Fund. Following the devastating flash flood on May 19th, in which Salem received seven inches of rain in 45 minutes, many homes and businesses experienced major damage.


“We have been a part of the Salem community since 1984 and want to give back during their time of need,” said Bob Schneider, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Kimball International. “Our company’s aspiration, We Build Success, enables us to share that success by donating to worthy causes and special needs like Salem is facing with the flood.”

In addition, employees in Jasper and Salem have launched a relief drive to collect food, water, and cleaning supplies.

“The support we receive from the Salem community to further our strategic aspirations and daily operations is very appreciated,” said Kathy Sigler, Vice President of Operations at Kimball office brand. “We are delighted to be able to aid in the recovery and well-being of the citizens in this community.”

Mayor Troy Merry expressed his appreciation for Kimball’s donation. “On behalf of the city of Salem, we are very thankful for Kimball’s willingness to help the citizens of the community,” he said. “Kimball has been a great community partner and we look forward to working together to build success.”