WCDC will house inmates from Harrison County PDF Print E-mail

An agreement between Washington and Harrison counties could fill empty space at he jail while adding income.


County Commissioner Attorney Dustin Howard presented a draft of the inter-local agreement to the County Commissioners at their regular meeting June 20.

Howard said the proposal if for Washington County to house up to 40 inmates from Harrison County at the Washington County Detention Center at $42 a day per inmate.

“There are over-crowding issues at many, many jails,” Howard said, “and we are fortunate to have a beautiful jail here in Washington County.”

Howard said Harrison County had not even seen the agreement, but had agreed to the essential terms of it.

“This is something we considered to bring more money into the county,” said Commissioner President Phillip Marshall. “It’s my understanding that we will need three additional corrections officers to cover these inmates, which will include both male and female prisoners.”

Marshall also said the county will also get inmates with lesser criminal charges.

Howard said the agreement also gives the county the right of refusal to accept any inmate.

“If it’s a problem inmate we can refuse them, or return them, at Harrison County’s expense,” Howard said.

Marshall said the agreement will bring more than $600,000 of additional revenue to the county.

He said Harrison County Sheriff Rod Seeley and Washington County Sheriff Roger Newlon were wanting to get the agreement started somewhere in July.

Harrison County will also be responsible for any medical costs from inmates they send to Washington County.

Howard said if there is an emergency situation, the county has a legal obligation to provide that, but it would be reembursed by Harrison County.

“Once they get stabilized Harrison County would come and get them and take care of them from there,” Howard said.

Roberts said it’s unfortunate that government entities must use things like this to make money.

“It’s a sad way to have to make money,” he said.

The Commissioners made a motion to present the inter-local agreement to Harrison County.