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Thursday, 03 August 2017 00:00

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 15 counties in Indiana had high fatality rates in crashes involving large trucks, in 2015. While Clark, Scott, and Washington counties didn’t make the list, sharing the road with a semi can still be risky, particularly on Thursdays.

Data from the Indiana Crash Facts Book suggests that Thursday is the deadliest day for the trucking industry. Although there is a risk of being involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler any day of the week, “Fatal Thursdays” occur for a variety of reasons.

Why “Fatal Thursdays”?
It’s not uncommon to see a large truck hauling freight during the weekend, but you’re more likely to see a majority of truckers during the week. A significant amount of accidents that do occur on weekends typically involve a non-commercial truck driver and factors such as alcohol use, or distracted driving is common.
Thursday is a deadly day for truck drivers because they are often reaching the end of their work week and may be tired, stressed, or overworked; any of these can be classified as driver errors. Truck drivers in Indiana are allowed to drive for up to 11 hours at a time (per the hours-of-service regulations) and up to 77 hours over a seven-day period.
Even if these regulations are designed to reduce fatigue, there’s no guarantee that a driver is alert or focused while behind the wheel.
Other contributing factors in accidents involving a large truck include mechanical errors, such as brakes, and unsafe road conditions.

Tips For Safe Driving
Around Large Trucks
Whether you travel I-65 on a regular basis or infrequently, it is a popular route for the trucking industry, and it’s important to know how to share the road and stay safe, regardless of where you drive.
While truck drivers are responsible for using good judgement on the road and ensuring that their truck is in good working condition at all times, there are ways that other motorists can stay safer:

Be Cautious During
Peak Hours
Most accidents occur during 6 am and 3 pm. Practice defensive driving and keep a safe traveling distance from (and around) large trucks. Stay out of blind spots and if you need to pass a large truck, don’t linger in the left lane too long.

Eliminate Distractions
Driving distracted is a big problem on Indiana roadways. Even though there’s a law against texting and driving, some Indiana motorists ignore it. Don’t text and drive; put your phone out of reach.

Use Good Judgement
During Bad Weather
Drivers of large trucks are often expected to travel during all types of weather; you are not. If the roads are bad due to weather, stay home if you can.

Report Dangerous Drivers
Notice that a truck driver is reckless and unsafe? Call 9-1-1. If you have a passenger with you, have him or her make the phone call as you keep a safe distance from the truck, if possible. Some trucking companies encourage motorists to give them feedback about their drivers; file a report or make a phone to the company.



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