Why can’t great minds come up with healthcare solution PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Browning   
Wednesday, 23 August 2017 09:00

Washington offers more of the same!

When will we say, truly, enough is enough? The healthcare debate is just one of many things that have me ready to throw in the towel as it relates to our government.

Nothing I enjoy more than seeing men and women who will probably make more money in 2017 than I will make in the next five years, debate about healthcare and taxes.

No matter the side of the isle they seem to fall on, they claim the people they are fighting for are you and I.

Raise your hand if you believe any of them. If your hand is raised keep it held nice and high, I have some ocean front property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.

Healthcare has gotten so complicated it has to be passed in a bill that most people can’t or won’t take the time to read.

I am guilty as charged, when I saw the list of possible pre-existing conditions you could be turned down for, my mouth dropped open.

Pre-existing conditions only matter to you if you have one, but that’s not the way it should be!

This isn’t a slam on neither side – I am ready to fire the whole lot of them! We have people who can put men on the moon, land rovers on Mars, do heart surgery on someone and send them home the next day, and we can’t come up with an affordable solution to the healthcare crisis?

Makes me wonder if they really want to at all.

Here are a few things that cause my mind to smoke:

The same insulin that costs George Browning $300 can be purchased in Canada for a third of that price.

Where is our government at in going after the big pharmaceutical companies for price gouging?

Insulin is not an option for me and if there isn’t any other way to make it cheaper here in the states, maybe we should spend some of the billions we are trying to set aside for walls, to come up with new, more affordable medicines.

Healthcare costs are through the roof and one of the reasons is doctors have to have insurance for fear of being sued.

A friend of mine suggested a law that a person can only sue to the level of insurance you have.

That would take liability off an emergency room that says, you have a common cold and sending someone with no insurance home or to the immediate care center.

If an uninsured person, or a person with government insurance goes to the emergency room with a sprained ankle, who has to pay for that bill?

Heck, we have insurance and I want to make sure it’s a serious issue before we go through the trouble of going to the emergency room.

There has got to be a way to get some of those costs down.

Washington has got to come up with a way to make healthcare a non-political issue and make it an American issue.

I watched a news program where they debated if healthcare was a right or not. If we are getting technical, it’s not a right, but neither are roads, and schools, and police officers, but they sure do make this world a better place.

The world is a better place when a family doesn’t have to debate getting the Eppi pen or paying for the car this month.

“It’s a complicated issue,” one politician said in an interview, we know, and that’s why we elected you and pay you for the job we pay you for.

The United States Senate has laying before them a golden opportunity – fix healthcare.

It will never please all of us. No matter what plan is passed, there will be some who slip through the cracks and feel like their needs were ignored in the final bill.

The goal has got to be to get rid of as many of those cracks as they can.

This is an issue that shouldn’t be give and take when putting a plan together, it should be an issue of meeting the needs of most Americans.

I expect to be sitting here in five years having the same conversation because Washington might have been a government by the people for the people, but it has become a government by the government for the government.

Not one side is better than the other here. President Obama was so anxious to be the healthcare hero, he rushed through a bill that met some needs, but by his own admission was a flawed plan from the start.

President Trump, so anxious to put the repeal and replace feather in his cap, that it doesn’t matter who is hurt along the way.

My fellow Americans, they don’t think we do, but we have the power, but if we vote for a party instead of the person who truly cares about our needs, we only end up with what we have now.

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