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Wednesday, 27 September 2017 09:20

By Josh Suiter
Special Correspondent

The New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corporation has hired a local certified public accountant (CPA) as their new Chief Business Officer. Chris Street, a former corporation teacher and CPA with Monroe Shine, was approved by the board during their September 18 meeting.

Interim Superintendent Dr. Brad Snyder said that when the previous Chief Business Officer (CBO) Fred McWhorter resigned, he began meeting with Assistant to the Superintendent Bill Briscoe and the board “to apprise the situation and let them know where we are at (financially). This particular situation is a little different in that I am getting ready to recommend (someone) to become the CBO and they won’t know who their permanent full-time boss is. Just think about that. Would you apply for a job that you don’t know who you would be reporting to?”

Snyder said board members Lee Cotner and Elizabeth Galligan sat on the search committee. They brought in the top 4 candidates for interviews. “During that we needed more vetting and then we brought in six direct reports, four colleagues and an additional board member (to interview candidates).”

Snyder said Street “is an educator and is considering coming out the private sector for us. He is currently a CPA with Monroe Shine. His wife is an employee of our school system. He has an MBA, a CPA and done both while giving 10 years to public schools and eight of which is at Floyd Central.”

In addition, Snyder said Street’s contract is a 2 ½ year contract “which is a little longer than our traditional contract, but I feel it was a good trade for coming from the private sector for not much money.”

The contract has a tier wage process in which the first 6 months, Street will work as an apprentice and be mentored for the same per diem as a high school principal and beginning July 1 he will get a salary beginning at $115,000. Snyder said Street starts on October 2.

Board member LeeAnn Wiseheart said “I would like to explain the reason for my vote. I completely respect the committees’ response and the process. It is a vast improvement from the last time we hired for a position like this. The CBO position is a critical position within the corporation and I, personally, believe that prior experience in area of school finance is important. I have spoken with the ISBA and they have expressed that they believe experience in school finance is very important for school corporations of our size.”

“With that being said, I also recognize that applicants for employment might have other attributes that override the applicants experience in school finance. Therefore, I would support a one year contract for the recommended candidate to give him that opportunity. I want to make it clear that I support the board giving this candidate the opportunity I just personally would have preferred that the initial contract would have been for a year instead of the extended contract of two years,” she added.

Board President Becky Gardenour agreed with WIseheart. “I support Mr. Street 100% but I don’t support is the contract. I wish it could have been a one-year contract.”

In the end, board member Lee Cotner made a motion to recommend the hiring of Street and Board Member Jan Anderson seconded it. The motion passed 5-2 with Gardenour and Wiseheart voted against it.

Street said “I appreciate the kind remarks….it is a great feeling. Just know that I will work every day to impress you and to make the school corporation better.”

“I spent 8 years in New Albany Floyd County and it as a great experience….What drew me back was when I had former colleagues, mentors and people I respect encourage me to apply for this job because they thought it was a great fit,” he said.

He said he will spend the first year “getting to know the team, the process and the day to day activities in the business office and being someone who reaches out to the community and makes connections.”

The board also heard a presentation from Bill Wiseheart, director of facilities, where they were presented bids for various construction work at Prosser Career Education Center. The projects total over $20 million. The board unanimously approved them.