Giving credit where credit is due about Trump tax plan PDF Print E-mail
Written by George Browning   
Tuesday, 10 October 2017 09:50

There have been times since January when I have sang our President, Donald J. Trump the blues.
I don’t think we need to waste billions on a wall – I wouldn’t mind those billions spent on border security, but a wall seems, and always has seemed silly to me.

Then there is healthcare, if I took insulin like I should, my family wouldn’t be able to afford to eat. So, instead of repeal, replace, I want more efforts focused on repair.

Over the past nine months, I let my opinion be heard about those things and a few others, some of them right here in this column!

I am a person who believes in giving credit where credit is due and I want to do that right here, right now with the president’s tax plan.

He revealed highlights of it when he visited Indiana last week.

Here are the three things that caught my attention the most.

First, simplifying the tax system to where most Americans can do them on one page is a great idea.

A lot of people could do taxes, but the enormity of them intimidates most people.

The second thing I heard was trimming the number of categories businesses must file from 50 or more into the 20s.

Again, why have so many, when so many things can be lumped together?

The third thing that drew praise for me is people who make less than $12,000 wouldn’t have to file at all!

I have three teenagers and it’s a good idea for them to get a few years of working under their belts before they have to worry about filing taxes.

“It will grow the American economy at a level it has not seen for decades,” Trump said during his stop in Indiana. “And all of this does not add to the US deficit.

“. . . It eliminates the loopholes available to the very rich. In other words, it’s going to cost me a fortune, which is true.”

This seems like an easy pass, but it’s Washington so I am sure the left will push, in fact, one of the reasons President Trump was in Indiana was to encourage Indiana voters to encourage our Senator Joe Donnelly to vote yes for this plan.

There will be drawbacks and costs, but not so many that we couldn’t overcome them, but that’s true with everything in Washington.

Another win last week was when the President made shipping items to Puerto Rico easier.

Trumps decision temporarily lifts the Jones Act’s restrictions prohibiting foreign-flagged vessels from picking up and delivering fuel between U.S. Ports.

Lawmakers including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-N.Y., urged the Trump administration to lift the restrictions and allow more supplies to reach the island and he did.

These are signs of our government working together. That’s something I wasn’t sure I would see anytime soon.

Now, if the president takes this approach with other issues.

I agree with him about football players taking a knee during the anthem. I don’t like it, but I wish he would have asked to meet with some players and ask if there was another way they would protest.

Why should he?

That’s the question some of my friends ask, but leadership 101 is to humble yourself. Maybe the dialogue could have avoided some of the back and forth and name calling that has taken place on social media.

To me, that’s my biggest complaint with our president to this point! Even when you are right, sometimes, you need to be the bigger person and meet people where they are.

Trump did that with Puerto Rico.

He seems to be doing it with his new tax plan.

Now if we can just get him to do this with the American people – I mean the ones he doesn’t agree with, or who don’t agree with him. If we accomplish that, maybe, just maybe he will have a hand in making America Great Again!