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Wednesday, 20 December 2017 10:27

By Amy Velasco
Special Correspondent

Charlestown High School (CHS) has a new Bowling Team this year with Wesley Wiles as coach and Corey Ingram as assistant Coach. Wiles says that last year he was approached by a then junior Madison Keith asking him about forming a bowling club.

He says she and a few of her peers were interested and were seeking out a sponsor.

Wiles then talked to the CHS Athletic Director, Chad Gilbert, who told him to talk to new CHS Math teacher Eric Metcalfe.

Metcalfe is the current coach of Jeffersonville High School’s Bowling Team.

Wiles says that after talking to them, they told him about the IHSB (Indiana High School Bowling) teams in Southern Hills Conference in the neighboring counties.

There were roughly 20 students who showed interest and now there are 12 members on the team.

Wiles states that he has had experience with bowling but only for recreation. He has never been on a team before. He played bowling off and on in college and after he graduated. He informs that when he went bowling, it was only with friends and family members. He noticed that bowling is one of those sports where you can have fun, get to know others, and have a chance to encourage one another.

Seniors Aaron Meyer and Justin Johnson, two members of the bowling team, say that it’s fun and cool that they get to be a part of a new team.

“We’re the third best team in the league,” says Johnson. “We’ve had four wins and three losses.”

Meyer added, “I’ve joined the team because I like bowling. It’s pretty fun.”

“My favorite part about being a bowling coach is seeing the team form friendships and seeing students and their parents in a different light that from the viewpoint of a teacher,” Wiles says.

He concluded, “There are a lot of inside jokes and smiles. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with the wonderful students and their parents.”