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Early Thursday morning, Just before 7 AM, Lafayette Township Fire Protection District was dispatched to a vehicle that crashed through the front of the building at 404 Lafollette Station North,  “A Nice Restaurant.”


Deputy Chief Terry Herthal was the first LTFPD unit on scene, less than a minute after dispatch.

He found a Chrysler Pacifica that jumped the front sidewalk and crashed into the glass front of the building.

The vehicle hit a short dividing wall and pushed it into the front counter moving it several feet.

A worker was behind the counter at the time of the crash and was briefly pinned between two counters.

Another kitchen worker was able to assist the pinned worker by moving the broken wall and the counter freeing them.

The driver and the worker, that was pinned behind the counter, did not complain of any injuries at the time LTFPD arrived on scene.

According to a press release issued by the LTFPD, the driver said they misplaced their foot and hit the accelerator instead of the brake causing the vehicle to crash through the front of the building.

The restaurant was closed for the rest of the day.

LTFPD said in the release the damage to the building was superficial and no structural damage occurred.

Floyd County Police are investigating the exact cause of the the crash.