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Tuesday, 13 March 2018 09:26

The following is the Floyd County arrest list through the early morning hours of March 2.

The list is provided daily by the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department.

Those listed, in most cases, are just facing charges at this point and are innocent of those charges until proven guilty in a court of law.

For past arrest lists be sure to visit www.gbpnews.com.


Christopher S. Etheridge, 25, Jeffersonville, warrant: (FTA-theft).

Mathew W. Collins, 27, Georgetown, warrant: (theft of firearm).

Taylor R. Suddeth, 25, New Albany, OWI .08% or less than .15%.

Marshall R. Watson, 41, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-possession of paraphernalia).

Rachel M. Townsend, 35, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-possession of paraphernalia).

Richard J. Huebel, 39, Hardinsburg, warrant: (VOP-OWI prior); warrant: (COA).

Peter D. Steinberger, 22, New Albany, possession of narcotic drug, possession of syringe; warrant: (VOP-possession of narcotic drug).

Danielle N. Whitener, 25, Elizabeth, warrant: (maintaining a common nuisance) (possession of methamphetamine) (unlawful possession of syringe) (possession of controlled substance) (operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license).

Christian M. Giselback, 26, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-carrying a handgun without a license) (FTA-riding, driving or walking on right of way or yard); warrant: (FTA-driving while suspended prior).

Tracy M. Parry, 43, New Albany, possession of syringe (hold for Clark County).

Eric R. Keith, 32, City At Large, public intoxication.

Eric D. Crum, 30, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-unlawful possession of syringe).

Brian D. Hart, 55, Lanesville, OWI manner that endangers, OWI, OWI prior.

Thomas P. Kapfhammer, 35, Jeffersonville, OWI prior, OWI refusal.

Thomas H. Trowell, 47, New Albany, possession of methamphetamine (hold for Louisville Metro).



Gregory M. Roberts, 37, New Albany, resisting law enforcement; warrant: (VOP-possession of methamphetamine); (VOP-maintaining a common nuisance); (VOP-driving while suspended prior).

Barry G. Phelps, 64, Vicksburg, MS, possession of cocaine, dealing in cocaine, possession of marijuana, possession of handgun without permit, operating while intoxicated, maintaining a common nuisance, 4/21/2018.

Nora J. Firkins, 52, New Albany, court-ordered arrest.

William D. Firkins, 53, New Albany, court-ordered arrest.

Lonnie E. Seay, 34, New Albany, disorderly conduct.

Nathan L. Yahraus, 53, Jeffersonville, warrant: (FTA-OWI); (FTA-OWI endangering).

Michael Antipin, 40, Corydon, warrant: (FTA-driving while suspended with prior).

Noah W. Nevil, Jr., 18, City At Large, intimidation, resisting law enforcement.

Juan M. Osorio, 43, Clarksville, operating without ever receiving a license.

Pamela M. Newby, 37, Scottsburg, warrant: (FTA-theft).

Michelle E. Nelson, 39, City-At-Large, no locals/needs to sign a waiver for Hardin County, Ky.



Amanda Perez, 35, City-At-Large, possession of methamphetamine, possession of legend drug, possession of paraphernalia.

Tracy L. Torres, 27, Jeffersonville, public intoxication.

Robert J. Alvey, 34, New Albany, OWI refusal, OWI endangerment.

Nicole M. Cozart, 34, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-dealing methamphetamine).

Angela H. Nicholson, 40, Rockville Correctional, warrant: (court-ordered transport).

Christopher L. Burton, 33, Elizabeth, operating while never licensed.

Kevin A. Ricketts, 38, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-maintaining a common nuisance, public intoxication).

Joshua M. Voignier, 21, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-possession of methamphetamine, maintaining a common nuisance).

Joseph A. Morrison, 38, Jeffersonville, warrant: (FTA-theft); fresh charge: theft.

Krystal M. Palazzo, 34, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-theft).

Paul A. Monroe, 23, Sellersburg, OWI (prior); OWI manner that endangers.


Alexander T. Baugh, 28, Charlestown, warrant: (resisting law enforcement).

Mark A. Mann, 58, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-operating a vehicle while intoxicated prior, operating a vehicle with alcohol concentration equivalent to .15 or more, operating vehicle while intoxicated).

Raymond E. Jenkins, II, 25, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-battery).

William D. Haynes, 44, Louisville, theft, criminal trespass.

Matthew J. Howerton, 31, warrant: (court-ordered transport) hold for Clark County.

Michael L. Grote, III, 27, Charlestown, warrant: (VOP-theft).

Samantha N. McIntyre, 20, Marengo, warrant: (VOP-possession of marijuana, illegal consumption of an alcoholic beverage, possession of paraphernalia).



Brandi N. Henderson, 28, Louisville, OWI .08-.15; OWI endangerment.

Elise R. Ferguson, 25, Greenwood, needs to sign waiver for Henricks County Kentucky.

Sara B. Morrison, 24, Louisville, warrant: (VOP=unlawful possession of syringe, possession of narcotic drug).

Leshan M. Fears, 22, Louisville, warrant: (FTA-theft).

Jamie C. Weller, 21, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-maintaining a common nuisance, theft).

Kyle W. Bieber, 27, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-operating without ever receiving license).

Angel M. Thompson, 43, Louisville, warrant: (FTA-theft, public intoxication, disorderly conduct); warrant: (FTA-possession of narcotic drug).

William R. Anderson, 42, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-operating without receiving license); warrant: (FTA-operating without receiving license).

Charles L. Webb, 45, New Albany, warrant: (VOP-invasion of privacy), hold for Crawford County.

Daylan H. Young, 24, New Albany, residential entry.


Morgan D. Shea, 27, Louisville, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, possession of legend drug act, possession of controlled substance, maintaining a common nuisance.

Desmond R. Potts, 22, Louisville, invasion of privacy.


Deshawn Coatley, 39, Louisville, operating without ever receiving a license, hold for Clark County.

Kelly A. Baxter, 39, New Albany, operating while intoxicated, refusal.

Howard D. Hockersmith, 50, Depauw, driving while suspended prior, false informing.

William R. March, 30, Georgetown, needs to sign waiver for Trimble County, Ky.

Christina D. Henson, 30, City At Large, needs to sign waiver for Louisville Metro.

Carlos D. Walker, 46, Louisville, theft with prior conviction.

Karen A. Warren, 21, New Albany, operating while intoxicated (prior), operating never licensed.

Jesse L. Elder, 44, New Albany, invasion of privacy (prior conviction), hold for Clark County.

Shannon L. Pruitt, 44, Louisville, theft prior.

Brian S. Blomquist, 47, Orleans, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of methamphetamine.

Anthony D. Hunt, 32, Pekin, visiting a common nuisance, possession of methamphetamine.


Samantha J. Plummer, 30, New Albany, possession of a syring (prior), visiting a common nuisance, possession of heroin.

Leah K. Adkins, 34, Lanesville, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of meth.

Robin M. Denny, 46, Louisville, warrant: (FTA-possession of syringe).

Daniel R. Griffin, Jr., 51, New Albany, battery-no visible injury, disorderly conduct, public intoxication.

Michael A. Mellick, 52, Louisville, warrant: (FTA-theft).

David A. Jordan, 39, Jeffersonville, OWI .08% or more.

Alexander N. Calloway, 32, Louisville, warrant: (FTA-battery resulting in moderate bodily injury).

Jeffrey A. Stinson, 47, Floyds Knobs, OWI .15% or more; OWI that endangers.

Lance E. Osborne, 48, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-sexual misconduct); new charge: possession of methamphetamine.



Bobby L. Odom, 36, Louisville, sign waiver for Jefferson County.

Kacye J. Thomason, 31, Clarksville, OWI .08% or greater, OWI endangerment, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia.

Sandra K. Danner, 58, New Albany, counterfeiting, possession of paraphernalia, possession of methamphetamine.

Paul E. Terry, Jr., 49, New Albany, driving while suspended (prior).

Brittaney M. Skaggs, 31, Louisville, warrant: (FTA-possession with intent to deliver cocaine or a narcotic drug); new charges: obstruction of justice, possession of methamphetamine, visiting a common nuisance.

Brad A. Benningfield, 27, Pekin, warrant: (FTA-unlawful possession of a syringe, FTA-visiting a common nuisance).

Kierstin L. Bartlett, 21, Georgetown, warrant: (COA-assisting a criminal), (COA-false informing).

Courtney M. Blain, 28, Corydon, warrant: (VOP-possession of syringe).

Heather R. Good, 19, Salem, dealing in Marijuana, possession of marijuana, maintaining a common nuisance.

Tracy M. Hanlin, 39, Clarksville, warrant: (VOP-fraud).

Spenser W. Robinson, 26, Sellersburg, warrant: (COT).

Joseph G. Williams, 58, City-At-Large, public intoxication,

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resisting law enforcement.

Jose Lozano Rizo, 45, Borden, OWI endangerment, Operator never licensed.


Orlando D. Sales, 37, Louisville, warrant: (VOP-possession of marijuana/hash oil).

Nathan W. Wencka, 25, New Amsterdam Central, Indiana, OWI over .149 % BAC, OWI.

Hannah L. Peyton, 29, Salisbury, Indiana, warrant: (FTA-fishing/hunting/trapping/chasing on private land without owner consent); warrant: (FTA-possession of marijuana).

Julie W. Dowdle, 47, New Albany, possession of methamphetamine, maintaining a common nuisance, possession of paraphernalia.

Troy E. Cox, 46, New Albany, possession of methamphetamine, theft, visiting a common nuisance, possession of paraphernalia.

Darren L. Lanham, 22, New Albany, needs to sign waiver for Henry County Kentucky.

Chelsey M. Davey, 25, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-criminal trespass); warrant: (VOP-residential entry breaks and enters dwelling, criminal trespass, resisting law enforcement).

Troy D. White, 47, City-At-Large, possession of a synthetic drug.

Seath A. Sebring, 31, Marietta, Ohio, warrant: (FTA-operating a vehicle with alcohol equivalent to at least .08, but less than .15); warrant: (FTA-resisting law enforcement, operating a vehicle while intoxicated prior, operating vehicle w/alcohol concentration equivalent to at least .09 but less than .15).


Brianna D. Jackson, 20, New Albany, warrant: (Contempt of court-possession of knife on school property, possession of paraphernalia).

Kisha D. Fay, 31, Georgetown, driving while suspended prior, possession of syringe; warrant: (VOP-driving while suspended prior, false informing).

Lindsey N. Robb, 18, New Albany, possession of cocaine or a narcotic drug; possession of a controlled substance.

Samuel L. Pitts, 23, New Albany, possession of methamphetamine.

Debra L. Stacy, 45, Austin, warrant: (VOP-unlawful possession of syringe).

John J. Arnold, 34, Branchville Correctional Facility, court-ordered transport.

Dwain K. Appleton, 54, Louisville, forgery of prescription.

Alexandra N. Jenkins, 21, Louisville, warrant: (FTA-possession of methamphetamine); FTA-possession of paraphernalia).

Kurt S. Ehret, 49, Fisherville, Ky., OWI, OWI manner that endangers, OWI refusal.

Lucas T. Funk, 34, Sellersburg, warrant: (FTA-theft).

Maiyee M. Boyce, 19, New Albany, warrant: (Carrying a handgun without a license).

Anthony M. Philpott, 26, Jeffersonville, warrant: (FTA-Operating a vehicle while intoxicated/endangering a person); (FTA-operating a vehicle while intoxicated).

David S. Branagin, 46, Greecastle, warant: (FTA-theft); warrant: (FTA-criminal trespass).

Robert E. Hackney, 39, Clarksville, warrant: (FTA-burglary x2).

Kristy M. Snider, 35, Georgetown, warrant: (FTA-driving while suspended with prior).


Angela J. Lohmeyer, 55, New Albany, warrant: (FTA-theft).

Grant A. Campbell, 22, New Albany, needs to sign a waiver for Louisville Metro.