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Wednesday, 11 April 2018 07:38

The Washington County Sheriff’s Department recently received a complaint, regarding a telephone scam.


Chief Deputy Brent Miller spoke with a woman who wanted to warn others of a possible scam. The woman said she recently received a telephone call from a foreigner, who was hard to understand. The caller identified himself as being with Directv and he offered to save the woman a lot of money on her Directv bill over the next twelve months. The caller knew the woman’s address, last four digits of her credit card and the monthly amount that she was paying. The caller calculated the woman’s bill for the next twelve months and then advised her that she would not receive a bill for the next twelve months if she paid him with a $500 pre-paid card.

The woman was suspicious at first and decided it had to be a scam when the caller asked for a pre-paid card. The woman simply hung up on the caller, when she thought she was being scammed.

The woman called Directv and was advised that the call was in fact, a scam. The woman was advised to be suspicious any time someone calls and asks to be paid with a pre-paid card. If you believe someone is attempting to scam you, immediately hang up the telephone and call the phone number on your actual bill and attempt to verify the call as a scam or call your local Police Department and report the incident.

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