?County Council approves Highway Department’s request for additional fuel money PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 13 August 2008 00:00
??    The Washington County Council met in regular session on Monday, August 4 with all members present.  The Council unanimously approved the minutes of previous meetings.
    Washington County Highway Department Superintendent, Rick Graves, and County Commissioner, Mike Goering, requested permission to transfer $58,000 from other accounts to the Gas and Oil account to pay a misplaced fuel bill from April of this year.  According to Graves he became aware of the oversight when he recently received notice that no further shipments of fuel would be delivered until the bill was paid.  The request was approved
     In a telephone interview, Graves said that the overlooked fuel bill was approximately $29,000.  When asked why wouldn’t that money still be in the fuel fund since it is an account payable, Graves said that it has been absorbed by the sharp rises in fuel cost this summer.  “With the rising cost of fuel, I underestimated the budget for fuel and oil.” admitted Graves.
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?The Women’s Giving Circle of WCCF announces information about first grant cycle PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 13 August 2008 00:00
? ?    There will be a public meeting for any non-profit organization wishing to apply for a grant from The Women’s Giving Circle of the Washington County Community Foundation.  The meeting will be held on August 19, at 7p.m. at the Community Learning Center.  Grant criteria will be discussed.  The criteria for this grant cycle include opportunities that will provide more independence for women and expanding horizons for girls.  This may include education, training, vocational skills, counseling, mentoring, and life skills or programs that address the immediate needs of women and children.
    Grant guidelines, application process, deadlines and reporting process will also be explained.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions. 
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?Nature Conservancy protects Cave River Valley PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 13 August 2008 00:00
??    Southern Indiana is famed for its rolling hills and vast caves. Several extensive caves in Washington County recently were permanently protected, which means that the rare and endangered animals—particularly the Indiana bat—that call these caves home have also received protection. The Nature Conservancy, working with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources’ Divisions of State Parks and Reservoirs and Fish & Wildlife and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, purchased approximately 316 acres known as CaveRiverValley from Cave River Valley LLC. Without a doubt the most noteworthy feature of the property is its caves. Two scenic and significant caves accentuate the valley. The first, RiverCave, has 3,900 feet of underground stream passages where a population of the state-endangered northern cavefish is found. The second, EndlessCave, is 6,900 feet in length harboring an important colony of hibernating Indiana bats.
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?Caitlin Agan crowned Miss Washington County Teen 2008 PDF Print E-mail
By Chancla LeMarr
Staff Writer
Green Banner Publications
“I can’t wait to represent this amazing county, I love this county.” stated Caitlin Agan.

Caitlin Agan’s name was called as Miss Congeniality which was picked by her fellow contestants, so she thought there was no way that her name would be called again, much to her surprise her name was announced as Miss Washington County Teen for 2008.

“I didn’t expect it to happen, Oh My goodness, I am so full of excitement.” stated Agan.

Agan’s court is Taylor Kearschner, first runner-up and Tara Schmitt as second runner-up.

When asked what experience Caitlin has had to help her with on stage fright, she stated, “I have been involved with WCACT since I was in first grade. That has given me more confidence and the ability to be more laid back.”

All contestants preformed a dance to the theme song of Indiana Jones before making there first walk on stage with their boy escorts.

Each contestant then came back on stage in their theme attire. Some of the girls themes were “Take me out to the ball game” Support our Troops” “Life is a Highway” “Skater Girl” and “Rock around the clock.”

Taylor Kearschner’s theme was “Super Women” in which she dressed as Super Women Kearschner stated that many look to heros such as Batman, Spiderman or even Super Women, but her hero was her six-year old brother, who was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and the struggles he has had to face.

Kayla Smith performed her theme and did a gymnastics routine.

The most intense part of the pageant, the question? The ladies were asked a question and then stated their answer to the judges and crowd.

Marissa Dun was asked, “If there was one thing she could change about the world, what would it be and why?”

“I would go back and erase the terrorists attacks that hurt a lot of innocent people including children, who then had to watch their parents go to war as I watched my  father.”

Kaila Robbins was asked if she had one wish what would it be? She stated “ I  would pause, rewind and go forward. I would pause to remember moments like these, rewind to correct mistakes and fast forward to she what the future holds for me.”

As  the  judges  were  tallying  their score, Miss Washington County Teen 2007, Chelsey Brewer made her final speech and walk.

“I want to thank Washington County for letting me represent you this 2007.” said Brewer

Miss Teen, Caitlin Agan received a crown and engraved bracelet, Bud Jeweler’s; $50 savings bond, Cooley’s Heating and Air; gift card, Heaven Scent Gifts; trophy, Hoosier Trophy; one hour studio photo session, Dowling Photo; mini manicure, Alisa’s House of Nail; gift, Robert G. Hamilton; gift, Brick Street; gift, Island Sun Tanning; gift certificate, The Tasty House; bouquet, Campbellsburg Floral and Mary Kay Cosmetics gifts, Stephanie Ferriell.

Agan also received a gift, Sisters; gift, Coffee Villa; Mary Kay Cosmetics gift, Stephanie Ferriell; gift, Island Sun Tanning; trophy, Mamma Rosa’s; $50 savings bond, Indiana Bank and Trust Company for being chosen as Miss Congeniality.

First runner-up Taylor Kearschner received, gift basket, The basket Case/Salem Apothecary; gift, Lasting Impressions; trophy, Mamma Rosa’s; Mary Kay Cosmetics gift, Stephanie Ferriell; $50 savings bond, First Harrison Bank and a gift, Shear Perfections

Tara Schmitt, second runner-up received a gift, Craft Town; pendant necklace, Bud’s Jeweler’s; gift, Shear Perfections; trophy, Mamma Rosa’s; large pizza, Domino’s; Mary Kay Cosmetics gift, Stephanie Ferriell and $50 savings bond, Community First.

Each escort received, gift certificated from Taco Bell, Dairy Queen and McDonald’s along with a pool pass from Myers Memorial Pool.
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?Air Board to begin appraisal of property for acquisition PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 07 August 2008 00:00
?    The Board of Aviation Commissioners (BOAC) for the Salem Municipal Airport met in regular session on Monday
evening, July 28.  Four Commissioners were present; the replacement for former BOAC member, Danny Libka, has not been appointed by Salem Mayor David Bower.  It was determined last month that Libka, a member of the Salem
Common Council, could not legally serve in both capacities.  The Board approved the minutes of previous meetings
    Board President, Bill Barnett, deviated slightly from the printed agenda for the purpose of electing a new Board
Secretary (Libka’s position on the BOAC).  By a vote of 3-0, BOAC member, Tim Pease, was elected Board Secretary.
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